Kansas City is one of the great BBQ capitals of the world!. That’s why it’s our duty to offer a serious educational curriculum dedicated to the art and science of grilling and smoking. We have some of the finest BBQ instructors in the world right here! I’m talking “smokin’ hot” American Royal BBQ Champions with extensive culinary arts experience. (Did you know that the American Royal is the largest BBQ competition in the world? Yeah ... that’s right! Right here in the City of Fountains!)

Grilling and smoking have become one of the fastest growing culinary techniques in this country. Whether you want to be the envy of your neighborhood or grab the gold at a barbeque competition, this is where you can learn the basics or hone your existing skills. From tools and fuel to techniques and recipes, we won't leave a briquette unturned.

Classes are offered on a continuing basis through the year and new topics and additional classes are added all the time. Students completing any eight courses in the MBQI program will be presented with the following at a special ceremony in class:

  • An Official "Master of the Flame" Certificate
  • A Personalized "MBQI" Moniker ("Queen of the Flames," "Master Grillmeister," etc.)
  • A high-quality Grill Apron personalized with your new "MBQI" moniker

May is National BBQ Month so each year we kick it off in style with our very popular "Festival of Smoke" - A full-day festival of superlative smoking & glorious grilling education (that’s our job right?) for the Backyard BBQ’r to the Competition BBQ Hound. It is held from 8:30 to 3:00 at The Culinary Center of Kansas City and across the street under the Downtown Overland Park Clocktower Festival Highlights:

  • “CCKC PIG-OFF” - A culinary “throw-down” where our own Culinary Center Chefs show off their butts (pork butts that is!) and you get to vote for the best butt.
  • FREE Culinary Demonstrations throughout the day (with drawings for free MBQI classes)
  • Tastings of Butts and Other BBQ Delicacies
  • Live Music
  • Chef-Prepared BBQ Dishes Available for Purchase
  • “Make Your Own Rub” Interactive Station
  • Boasting
  • "The Smokin' Schoolhouse Bar" featuring BBQ-appropriate beverages
  • Healthy Debate (Wood, charcoal, pellet or propane? Rub vs. sauce?)
  • "Ask-a-Chef"
  • Tomfoolery
  • Drawings & Give-Aways of Valuable (and not-so-valuable) Prizes
  • Bakesale (proceeds donated to charity) run by our Junior Chefs Academy

Bring the family and come play with us We promise you’ll learn something new! It’s SMOKALICIOUS!!!


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