Dear Foodies,

The one thing you can count on is that we will always stay on the cutting edge (sorry about the pun) of all things culinary. We really rattle our whisks to come up with new and different ways to provide exceptional culinary education and unique food-related events, all in the interest of exposing you to the beautiful things that happen around the table. That's not to say we abandon the basics though. Oh no, we couldn't do that! You'll find classes on the fundamentals of cooking right alongside our creative food events! In any case, we are committed to making your experience fun, informative and exceptional. Speaking of extraordinary, we are thrilled to announce our new Pro Series Cookware - high-quality commercial grade cookware designed for the home cook. It'll not only make you a better cook but will also awaken the Inner Cooking God/Goddesses in you with inspirational food quotes etched into each pan. (For real.) Now that, my friends, is what we call cutting edge. I'm just sayin'!

We hope to see you in our kitchens.

Laura Laiben
Owner and "Main Dish"

Requests For Donations

It takes all kinds of ingredients to make a good dish really great. The same rings true for the effort it takes by so many people to serve the needs in the community in which we live. Your work is important and we would like nothing better than to say "yes" to every donation request that comes in our door (and we DO receive a lot of them!) While we really try to do our fair share of donating to this community effort, we are a small company and aren't able to help in every case. We would be happy to consider your donation request based on the following. Thanks for thinking of us and considering our products and services worthy of your request for donation.



1. Please send a written request, attn: Donation Request,
via email to or drop it off at The Culinary Center
of Kansas City, 7920 Santa Fe, Overland Park, Kansas 66204

2. Include a tax form at the time of application.

3. Include a list of the Board of Directors if applicable.

4. Include a cover letter stating exactly what you are requesting and why.

5. Sorry but verbal requests for donations will not be considered.

6. We will do our best to respond to your request within 2 weeks.


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