We love to hear feedback from our students after they've joined us for a Culinary Center of Kansas City class.
Here's what some of them have been saying..

ABCs of Wine Tasting


"I have attended many wine tastings and I came to the class with the expectations of it being similar to many other wine tastings, but with a bit more educational twist. I was so pleasantly surprised!! It was very informative, fun, interactive and I walked away with a great experience that was truly educational. Thank you so much for this class offering. Brent was an exceptional host and teacher! I have already told several other friends and couples about the experience and have been asked to inform them if the class is offered again. I enjoyed it so much I will take it again as well. Loved everything about the class!"
   - Alice T.


Mangia, Mangia


"What a delightful experience - and SO fun. Sandy was great - her expertise - her personality - she got everyone engaged. This was hands down my BEST Christmas gift."
   - anonymous


Junior Chefs Academy: Cinnamon Rolls


"I gave two of my grand daughters a GC for the Cinnamon Roll class at the end of November. My 9 year old baked with her mom and aunt at our annual baking day this weekend. She made two batches of cinnamon rolls completely by herself (except for taking them out of the oven and fliiping) and she "owned" the process! She was so confident and very excited to do it all on her own. I kept trying to help and her reply was "I got this!" Thank you for the teaching and instilling that "I can do" attitude. As a Grandmom, I realized she is much more capable than I thought. What a great experience for her! I can't wait to sign her up for more classes! Thank you so much!"

   - Candy C.


Junior Chefs Academy: Pizza Kitchen

"It's not so often your child has this look on her face that includes fun/empowerment/I-can't-wait-to-do-this-again! My 11-year-old LOVED everything about the pizza class (she even loved the way the instructor said the word margherita!) I am REALLY INTENSELY happy about this. So glad we did it!"
  - Abigail H.


Flavorful Weekend Nights! A Taste of Love: A Romantic Italian Valetine's Dinner

"...Connie and I had a wonderful time at the Valentine's dinner Sunday with our friends...  Once again, you made a big room feel like a small, cozy party. Not only was the food great, it is evident that everyone on staff is having fun. It feels like your team is having as much fun giving the event as we are attending the event."
  - John M.

Professional Culinary Arts Series I:
Cooking Fundamentals

"I enjoyed every class!! I am excited about taking the Pro Series 2!! Chef Richard, Chef Larry, and Max were wonderful!! An amazing and wonderful learning experience!! Thank you."
  - Marcie B.


"Not only was it a great learning experience, but also it was very stimulating and made me more enthusiastic about cooking and learning even more skills in the future."
  - Jim M.

Hands On: A Croissant is a Beautiful Thing!


"Always enjoy hands-on classes, I always walk away having learned new tips as well as learning from the basic class itself."
  – Sarah W.


"I really enjoyed the class and learned exactly what I was seeking to make croissants!"
  – Julie M.

Hands On:  Sunday in Little Italy


"Amount of hands-on was perfect and ensured the best pace of a course that I've taken yet! Prep work didn't leave us feeling like we'd missed a step. VERY VERY good and I can't wait to take another class from Sandy!"
  – Judy M.

Limited Hands On:  BBQ & Boozin Too!


My first time here; outstanding instructor (Bruce) and super assistant (Connie). I learned a great deal; I am a 'griller,' and not a real cook. The 'class' was downright fun as well as informative. The title says 'limited hands on,' but everyone participated and Bruce was everywhere at once giving advice & guidance. Very nice people in the class, and the entire experience was terrific.
  – Jim N.

Hands On:  Tamale Making 101


I went home and the next day made 36 tamales....the directions were So clear my dad (who didn't take the class) was able to help! They tasted just as amazing as the ones at the school!
  – Tamara M.

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