Using the culinary arts as our palate, we are proud to offer an unbeatable recipe for interactive cooking events and teambuilding.

Our unique approach at The Culinary Center of Kansas City provides a customized, creative and tasty (!) experience where the participants are recognized for their contributions.

Your group (large or small) will work together toward a common goal and celebrate their accomplishments all in a beautiful culinary arts center (or an offsite location of your choice). If that's not enough, we also guarantee you'll have a great time!

Popular Interactive Cooking Models: 

  • All Hands For Hunger
    'An Interactive Cooking Party with a Purpose'
    Take corporate team-building to a whole new level as you feed the needs of your community AND have a unique interactive cooking experience. Did we say you will get to eat too? Well, you will.

  • Mystery Box
    Teams get to go all 'Iron Chef' on each other as they decide what to make for dinner from mystery boxes of ingredients without recipes! But wait, there are additional challenges worked into the picture as well. Strategize, plan, barter, cook, create, communicate, beautifully present and dine on a fantastic and tasty meal.
  • Recipes For Success
    (a/k/a- The Chef's Table)
    A fun and interactive cooking party where, under the talented direction of our chef, everyone gets involvd in making dinner, perhaps in culinary areas they might not otherwise have tried. Our most popular interactive cooking model!

  • 'Made in Kansas City'
    BBQ Sauce Competition

    New to our interactive party model lineup, this smokin' fun interactive team-building activity for large or small groups is led by our Midwest BBQ Institute
    ™  instructors and pits teams against each other to design and market their very own customized BBQ Sauce (or BBQ Rub). Want to taste some awesome award-winning BBQ too? We can do that!
  • Interactive 'Fun Lunch'
    Down with boring lunches! Do something different and bring your group to our kitchens for a weekday lunch and get your hands in on the action AND a great lunch. Beats the heck out of a sandwich, chips and a cookie, eh?
  • Cake Combat!
    Move over Ace of Cakes, we're taking dessert to a whole new level! Teams create customized cake structures using cake, icing and some thought-provoking 'mystery' decorations along with a challenge and a time frame! At the end, you can eat 'em or donate 'em... or take 'em back to the office and show off. Your choice.

  • Dinner with a Pinch... of Hands On
    Just want to impress your guests with a unique dining option where they get to be involved, but just a pinch? Then this is your best bet.
  • Mix 'n Mingle in the Kitchen
    A new take on the old boring appetizer reception where your guests mix and mingle as they get a bit of culinary education and some hands-on time!
  • And many more customized models with your group's goals in mind.


Check out these tasty testimonials from those who have attended our group interactive events.

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We will close at 3 p.m. Christmas Eve and reopen at 9 a.m. Thursday, Dec 27.

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To consistently exceed client expectations and enrich our community by providing education and appreciation for the culinary arts through a variety of experiences including cooking classes, interactive culinary experiences and creative catered events, all of which are brilliantly conceived, precisely and joyously executed in an immaculate and comfortable environment.









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